My journey into Vampyrism, and some Vampyre information.

My Awakening

I have known I was nonhuman since I was a child, though what exactly I am is something that has been debated often. I think that I am a mix of things, as I believe most nonhumans are. It is a half-joke in my family that I am a Changeling or Hybrid child due to the unusual circumstances leading up to and during my birth, and more strange occurences when I was very young. I have had a knack for spirituality and the occult since elementary school when I was blessed to be taught by an older family friend, and further blessed by my family encouraging my gifts and taking me to rituals and other Pagan events growing up. My fascination with Vampyres came when I was quite young and my mother showed me 'Interview with the Vampire' and furthered by a childhood obsession with Twilight. Not with wanting to be loved by a Vampire, but with wanting to be a Vampire.

Vampyre traits I have noticed in myself and others.

These are just some things I have found while both introspecting and paying attention to other Vampyres at events, commonalities that I think are worth mentioning.
Glamour: Vampyres are attractive. This is more than just the way they look, as attraction and beauty go far beyond physical appearence. Cleopatra, the mother of seduction, was not conventionally attractive.

Vampyre events.

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Vampyre groups/forums.

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Vampyre recommended reading.

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