How do I know if I'm a Vampyre?

Awakening is different for every vampyre, I cannot say what it will be like for you. For me, it has been a consistent draw towards vampyre mythos nearly my entire life, from things as embarassing as a love for twilight and being a vampire for halloween to getting to know the black veil vampyres and becoming part of their community, there is nothing to say what exactly must trigger an awakening for you. It is the knowing that while your body may be human, there is something far greater than that within it. It is knowing that you are something else, and the draw and familiarity towards Vampyres may indicate that that is what that "something else" is. A true Vampyre has an ever present need for energy, an energetic hunger that must be satiated for the Vampyre to be in the best health that they can be. I think that without this it is safer to say that one simply enjoys the aesthetic or is part of the "fangdom" rather than being a true living Vampyre.

Why do you spell it 'Vampyre'?

This is the older spelling of the word and I, as do many others, use it to seperate from real living Vampyres vs the vampire aesthetic or vampire movies etc, fandom or aesthetic or media related vampires vs real Vampyres.

Do I have to take energy if I'm a Vampyre?

Here is an exerpt from the Black Veils, the handbook for the modern Vampyre as compiled from the founder of the community in the 90s. While there are many Vampyre writers and communities, I think this is a good explanation: "Do real Vampyres actually feed? Yes. Unawakened and awakened Vampyres must gather vital lifeforce to fulfill their energetic need. The unawakened feed unconsciously, often undisciplined and without concern for others, emotionally draining others around them. Awakened, properly trained Vampyres learn to feed in a disciplined and ethical manner." A true Vampyre has a need for lifeforce energy, that is what makes us Vampyres.

Do I need to drink blood?

While TBV and many other Vampyre communities cannot openly endorse this behavior, I personally think that while it is not necessary, it can be an interesting practice. For myself this is something I have only done once with a trusted partner and I think it should only be done with someone you know well as deep feeding of this nature creates intense psychological bonds. So the answer is, no, you do not need to, and generally should not.

Do I have to be goth?

Not at all, fashion or aesthetic has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not one is a real Vampyre. This is generally just a common aesthetic among both real Vampyres and 'Vampires' or, people who just enjoy the look or idea of Vampirism.

Do I have to be a witch?

No, but I think it's very common. I think a lot of Vampyres practice chaos magick, but there are also Vampyre-centric Magick systems such as Strigoi Vii, I think there is just crossover between those who need to take energy and those who can manipulate it.